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Reynoldsburg OH 




            Willie Stimage​ Media


TV/Broadcast Video Production

Online Video Production

Event Video Production

Content Creator

About Us


The mission of Willie Stimage Photography is to create lasting memories with passion and enthusiasm, in a way that has never been captured and is also determined to handle each and every guest in a family like manner. Good character is essential in a lasting business so I deserve the right to reject any inappropiate photography.

Our photographs bring positive emotions, and allow the viewer to relish in past events, as well as imagine new ones. Our aim is to become an example of doing business with the highest level of integrity, good communication is one of the key tools that helps us achieve this end, that's why we're always available to take your call or answer an email.

My success is measured when our past clients ( See Testimonial Page) become our best representatives; the many stories of clients who were well satisfied in the past are our tribute and key motivation to strive to do better. Thank you in advance for your business.

                                                 VIDEO CONTENT

Willie Stimage Media  provides a wide variety of services. Whatever the requirement, we will assemble professionals who are creative in their craft and whose production skills perfectly match the challenge. Our experience, creativity, and sense of style will help to maximize your project''s potential.

Pre production:

Consultation, Development, Storyboards, Research, Location Scout, Casting, Scripting, Set Design, and Logo Development.


Single Camera (film-style), Multi-Camera, Field Production, Studio Production,

B-Roll, Press Release, Live Switching, Image Magnification, Set, Lighting & Sound Coordination, Script Supervision, Hair & Make-up, Crew-Coordination, Local or On-Location, Video or Film.


Editing, Custom Graphics and Animation,  Effects, Titles, Music and Stock Footage Libraries, Voice Over and Recording, DVD Authoring, Duplication, Digital File Sending and USB